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1. Shock Notice   Shock

2. Six Days   Six

3. The Pendulum   The

4. Nice Flight   Nice

5. All The Way Until It Stops   All

6. Sold God   Sold

7. Eat Your Young   Eat

8. Laugh It Up   Laugh

9. Elephants   Elephants-

10. In The Hollows   In

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1. Love You To   Love

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1. Take Me Out To The Ballgame   Take

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1. Matter of Time   Matter

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1. Fat Lip   Fat

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1. Bible Thumper   Bible

2. Getaway   Get

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Eat Your Young

The second full length album from Solid Gold, out October 23, 2012.



Love You To

Our cover of the Beatles classic “Love You To” from their album Revolver.  Written by George Harrison.  This will be featured on the MN Beatles Project Vol. III.  Video coming soon.



Naughty By Nature with Solid Gold

Solid Gold is the backing band for these live recordings with legendary hip hop group Naughty By Nature.  Recorded live at Daytrotter.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

The Minnesota Twins asked us to record this song for their new stadium Target Field.




The new ep from Solid Gold featuring a cover of “Danger Zone”, the previously unreleased “One In A Million” as well as the instrumental “Sharpshooter” and a remix from White Sea(Morgan Kibby of M83)



Matter of Time

Digital Single from Solid Gold released Spring 2009.



Fat Lip

Digital single from Solid Gold, released summer 2009.

Bible Thumper

The second 7″ vinyl release from Solid Gold.  Released only in the UK, limited quantities available online from Insound in the US and Piccadilly and Pure Groove in the UK.

Get Over It

This is the first Vinyl released by Solid Gold.  Released in the UK in 2009, hand-painted covers, edition of 500.  Limited quantities available online from Insound in the US and Piccadilly in the UK.

Bodies of Water

The debut album from Solid Gold, released fall 2008.

Who You Gonna Run To?

This ep features remixes from MGATP(Gayngs) and Wotlie, as well as “Getaway” from the Bible Thumper single.

Out Of Your Mind

Solid Gold’s 2004 ep from their Madison, WI days.  Raw as hell.  Stay tuned for a remastered re-release later this summer.

Solid Gold EP

Solid Gold’s first recorded work, from 2002.  Limited edition of 50 screen-printed covers, out of print… forever.

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